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I introduce myself Francia ; your  Bio Expert .  

Nice to meet you, to describe myself in a few words I am a fan of Nappy Hair, a little crazy and who adoooooore to take care of me.  

After doing my little grub thanks to videos,  books, workshops, interview packs etc. I finally decided to take the plunge and train myself professionally as a workshop leader, Bio Expert.  

Thanks to my experiences and my learning I wish to make you discover my universe.


And yes, Three Cosmetics is above all a universe.  

A universe where you learn to take care of yourself, correctly, while respecting the planet and without ingredients from petrochemicals. 

Why us ?  

We take care in our cosmetic workshops and in the manufacture of household products,  to select natural and organic ingredients such as oils, plants, powders and other ingredients that you can come and discover by selecting our services.  

In a world where we are little taken care of, let's cut our phones for a few minutes to enjoy the present moment in a workshop to share without moderation with our friends, our colleagues, our family.

Our services are open to all, for the curious, those who like new things and challenges.  

It is a pleasure to meet you !


Using only 100% recycled glass or PET containers


Thanks to a selection of ingredients carefully chosen for their qualities and properties


By passing on my knowledge to you through workshops and fun coaching.

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