Gives the right to three different workshops:


  • Eco Workshop

For the thrifty,

Manufacture of four care products (Use within 24 hours):

A scrub and moisturizing face mask,

A gourmet scrub for the body,

An anti-blackhead and lifting face mask,

A hydrating hair mask.


  • Housekeeping Workshop

For the maniacs,

Manufacture of four household products:

250 ml scouring cream,

250 ml dishwashing liquid,

A detergent with Marseille soap 250 ml,

An all-purpose "pschitt" 250 ml.


  • Child Workshop

Manufacturing of two personalized cosmetics with natural fruity colors and flavors.

Your choice: A repairing gloss 6 ml, A shower gel 100 ml, A pillow mist 30 ml, A soap 100 g, A wonderful oil 50 ml.

Jackpot Card!